The Four Pillars - Mike Vass

The Four Pillars

Newly commissioned work for the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh

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Newly Commissioned by the Scots Fiddle Festival and supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund, The Four Pillars is a multi-media experience and musical suite from Scottish musician Mike Vass. Based on the four major tune types of the Scottish fiddle tradition – the slow air, the march, the strathspey and the reel – Mike’s piece captures the grandeur of Scottish fiddle music credits releases December 15, 2018

All tracks written by Mike Vass (PRS/MCPS) Produced by Errollyn Wallen

Recorded by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Sunday 21st October 2018

Mixed by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks Mastering

Artwork and Design by Kim Richards

Fiddle Lauren MacColl, Mike Vass, Patsy Reid & Jenna Reid Piano Tom Gibbs Vibraphone & Percussion Iain Sandilands String Quartet Violin Feargus Hetherington Violin Colin McKee Viola Asher Zaccardelli Cello Laura Sergeant